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Does Ferrtilizers Supplying Earn Lucrative Amount Of Money, Amount You Need To Initiate This Project

Supplying farm inputs is one business that can earn an individual a good income within a very short period of time. This is because there are numerous farming activities that occur in Kenya during each season. Farmers plant trees, grow crops and all these plant need to be provided with fertilizer at one point or another.

Therefore if you can invest in supply fertilizers there is no single day that you will lack customers and the best way to do this business is just by selling and supplying all types of fertilizers. This will give advantage because, during planting season you will be supplying planting fertilizers and during top dressing period you will be supplying top dressing fertilizers.

To Start this business you roughly need something like 100,000 shillings, use this amount to open a fertilizer Depot and ally with one fertilizers company so that if you buy goods from them you will get a discount of roughly 2-5% discount on the total goods you have bought.

Ensure you observe the government rules that governs trading activities depending with the country you are in. This can business license among other important factors that your government gives priority.

These are some of the fertilizers you can sell and supply to farmers, DAP, CAN, Mavuno planting fertilizer, Mavuno top dressing fertilizers, NPK, Urea, SSP among other types of fertilizers you may want to buy and supply.

The cost of these fertilizers varies roughly from 1,500 shillings to 2,400 shillings depending with the season and the type of fertilizers you want to buy. There are some that are more expensive than the others.

During planting and top dressing season the price of fertilizers shoots this is because of high demand and therefore to get good profit you can decide to start this business during the norm season so that when planting season arrives you can make something good from it.

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