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No Job is Too Little; Chris Kirubi

The path leading to success might sometime appear too rough making some people fall down before reaching the final destination.

It only requires hard work and determination for one to achieve whatever goals they have set for themselves in life.

Before securing your dream job, you should never discriminate any job however little they may appear. They may be your stepping stone to your heart desires.

According to the businessman and industrialist, Dr. Chris Kirubi, no job is too little. He advised the people especially the youth to ensure they work with pride because whatever one does today, will determine what will happen tomorrow.

He added that one should start from somewhere however low it may be and grow to the top with time.

"Work with pride knowing that what you do today will determine what will happen tomorrow. No job is too little. Start from somewhere and grow to the top," Chris Kirubi.

"You have a responsibility to ensure your ideas are viable, sustainable, will add value and bring back great returns. These are some of the biggest concerns of any investor. Make sure you do your due diligence on investors as they do you," Kirubi.

This message should act as a wake up call to the youth who feel they have lost it life. There is always a second chance in life.

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Chris Kirubi


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