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Profitable Things To Invest In 2021

1. Agriculture. It is one of the major source of livelihood for the people of rural areas. It mostly used to depend on climatic condition for its flourishment but with technological advancements, it has witnessed huge development. Moreover it is a vast field which includes poultry farming, crop production, apiculture and fishery. However, it requires passion and dedication.

2. Transport business. It can be very profitable as people must travel from one place to another but highly competitive. Some entrepreneurs end up failing due to lack of good management and sincerity of employees.

3. School. Most people in Kenya prefer private schools. Despite free primary and secondary school education, most public schools have classrooms that are congested and often the teachers go into strikes. One can invest in nursery, primary and secondary schools.

4. Land property investment. One should take advantage of it as land appreciates, unlike cars which tend to lose value after a certain period.

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