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Government Trough The Ministry Of Agriculture Plan To Improve Small Holder Tea Sector

The ministry of agriculture through the cabinet secretary Peter Munya yesterday announced that they are going to increase their support to small scale tea farmers, this announcement have brought great light to the hearts of many small scale tea farmers because for the last several years they have somehow been neglecting. Revenue for small scale tea farmers will automatically appreciate to great hight than how it is for now.

Farmers have been complaining tirelessly about insufficient salaries for their tea leaves and the prices have been gradually reducing and sometimes farmers get totally no pay for their tea despite doing alot to produce more quality tea leaves.

This has been a great treat to tea farmers and some had almost lost hope and opted to uproot their tea plants due to poor payments. This announciation is just but the beginning of appreciating our country economy since the country's economy is supported 65% by agricultural products. It's now the high time for tea farmers to maximize their daily quality and quantity product of tea in their farms.

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Ministry Of Agriculture Peter Munya


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