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Residents of This Place To Pay Ksh 3000 For A Bedsitter, Ruto Says

Imagine paying Ksh 3000 for a bedsitter in Nairobi, Ksh 5000 for a one bedroom house and Ksh 6500 for a two bedroom house here in Nairobi per month.

Well, this might sound like a dream to many but President William Ruto has today promised residents of Mukuru the above pay for the rental houses.

The prices came as a surprise as many Nairobians are paying very high rent even for bedsitters which at times are even sub standard.

The prices mentioned by President Ruto however means that the residents will owe the owners of the apartments for 20 years after the programme is started.

In his campaigns, President Ruto promised to have the bottom up economic model work by ensuring that Kenyans pay a few sum for rent then pay the remaining debt gradually for a period of time even 20 years as their life improves.

What do you think of this house pricing?

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