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The Reason Behind Government Rental Houses Being Expensive Instead Of Being Cheap

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The National and County government has built alot of houses near railway stations, hospitals, industrial areas and also inside municipality areas. The house are meant to help those Kenyans who earn little amount of income to have an affordable housing. However, the houses are no longer cheap and the rent has even increased to high figures.[Photo Courtesy]

The increase in rent has forced some Kenyans to migrate to other places in order to get affordable houses. For instance when you take a single room near railway station, you will be supposed to pay an amount not less than 2,500 Kenyan shillings while the houses belonging to county costs above 2,000 Kenyan shillings.[Photo Courtesy]

When you try to do a follow follow up on why the rent is going upwards every time, you will find out that there are some brokers between the tenants and the government. For examples when it comes to houses at railways, one person decides to take all the houses from the government at a cheap price and then they rent them to Kenyans at an expensive rates and that is why the houses become very expensive.

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