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Today's Message From CBK Governor.

Central Bank of Kenya governor Patrick Njoroge has come out to pass an essential message to the country and it's citizens.

According to Njoroge, the total debt service as a proportion of revenue had shot up to more than fifty percent in the financial year 2019/2020 which means half of the revenues collected were being channeled to the debt service.

He has added that as of now, the value has gone down to forty percent which implies for every hundred shillings only sixty shillings is left to cover for regular functions of the government of Kenya while the remaining forty is for settling debts.

His message has come at a time Kenyans are suffering due to hefty charges of prices of petrol, diesel and petrol that are some of the most used fuel products around the country.

The country has been undergoing a huge problem in repaying the debts it owes to the outside nations such as China which is the reason there is increase in taxation.

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