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Prices of Cement and Other building Materials Reduce

For the last few months, many people in the republic of Kenya have not been affording to purchase several products due to the price hiking in Kenya. Almost all the commodities increased in prices by over 50%. Among these commodities are; fuel, cooking oil, construction materials, cooking flour and even electronic gadgets.

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Now, today, kenyans have been handed some good news. This came in after the goverment through the pricing agencies reduced the prices of some commodities as from 01/10/2022. As reported by the Tuko news, the goverment has reduced the prices of cement and steel metals which are always used in construction of houses and roads.

According to this publication, 50kgs of cement which used to cost shs 1000 will now be sold at shs 650 after 350 shillings was slashed off. On other hand, one tone of steel metals has been reduced by 18% which is equal to shs 116,000. This will now make it easy for kenyans to purchase it.

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