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Top Five Billionaires Women In The World 2021.

Women across the world are today ranked among the richest people by top sites like Forbes, and Ecocnn. Some of the richest women in the world in 2021 are self made while others gained wealth through inheritance. In this article, i shall reveal the richest woman in the world in 2021. Françoise Bettencourt Meyers is the richest woman in the world 2021, according to Forbes magazine. Françoise Bettencourt Meyers & family are rated to be $73.7 billion in net worth as of 2021 today. Alice Walton is the second richest female in the world in 2021 with a net worth of $65.7 billion US dollars. Its good to note that Alice walton is the only daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton. 

1. Françoise Bettencourt Meyers.

Francoise Bettencourt Meyers’s net worth of $87.8 Billion could presently buy 49.2 million troy ounces of gold or 1.15 billion barrels of crude oil. At the time of writing this report, the 68-year-old billionaire holds an estimated amount of $5.7 billion in cash. She is the granddaughter of Eugene Schueller, the founder of L’Oreal and was born in 1953 to Andre and Liliane Bettencourt. The world’s eleventh richest woman and mother of two resides in Paris, France. One of her two sons, Jean-Victor Meyers, replaced Liliane Bettencourt (grandmother), on L’Oréal’s board about 9 years ago. Net Worth 2021: $73.6 billion. France. She’s the richest female in 2021 today.

2.Alice Walton.

Walton was previously the world's richest woman and while she lost the top spot to Bettencourt Meyers, Walton still gained US$7.4 billion last year. Walton is the daughter of Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart and the heir to its fortune. During the pandemic, the company's stock rose more than five per cent since mid-March 2020. They then launched free delivery as part of an Amazon Prime-like membership program. This helped boost online sales such as much as 69 per cent. Net Worth 2021: $65.7 billion. The United States.

3.MacKenzie Scott.

Scott's high-profile divorce with Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, was the most expensive in the world until the Bill and Melinda Gates divorce happened. Scott gave away US$5.8 billion in grants to more than 500 non-profit organisations across the U.S. which supports various causes from racial equity, public health and LGBTQ+ rights—this makes her the biggest philanthropist of the pandemic. Net Worth 2021: $57 billion. The United States.

4.Julia Koch.

American socialite and philanthropist Julia Koch is the widow of David Koch, whom she inherited her fortune from when he died in 2019. Koch and her children currently have a 42 per cent stake in the family business, Koch Industries, America's largest private company per revenue last year. Koch serves on the board of directors of the billion-dollar conglomerate while David's older brother, Charles serves as chairman. Net Worth: $46.5 billion. The United States.

5. Yang Huiyan.

Yang Huiyan, the richest woman in China is only 39 years old and she is worth $32.9 billion according to Forbes. Despite being the wealthiest woman in China she lives a very quiet life with very little known about her by the media. She is the daughter of China’s biggest real estate mogul, Yang Guoqiang. According to the South China Morning Post, Yang Guoqiang is the self-made founder of Country Garden Holdings which is the largest property developer in China by sales volume. Net Worth 2021: $29.7 billion. China

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