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The Man Who Made A Million By Selling Rocks Gathered From The Beach

Photo|Source Pinterest|

Gary Dahl was relaxing with his friends when they began to complain about how it was a lot of work to take care of pets. He told them jokingly that the perfect pet was a rock.

Later, he decided to pursue the idea. He collected normal rocks from Rosarito beach in Mexico. He then wrote a funny 32 page owner’s manual called “Care and Training of Your Pet Rock”. This manual which was sold as a package with a rock lured a lot of customers.

Photo|Source Pinterest|

The rocks were smooth and shaped like eggs and were placed on grass in carton boxes. He sold each rock at 440 shillings. The idea was an instant hit and he managed to sell 1.5 million rocks in two and a half months. At the end of 6 months he had sold 5 million rocks. People stopped buying a lot of rocks but he had become a millionaire already.

Following the success of this venture he tried to copy it by selling sand but this was not a hit like his first idea. 

This shows that a unique idea that meets the needs of customers always sells. Gary realized that people were complaining about how much work it was to take care of pets and came up with a solution. Identifying the problem and coming up with a solution is a key to having a profitable idea. 

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