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What Every Kenyan Should Know Before Opening A Supermarket

Supermarkets in Kenya are big money makers and mini supermarkets are also gaining ground in many residential areas in Nairobi.The city's populus apartments provide those with mini supermarkets adequate customers.

Opening a Supermarket will cost you more and possible millions to be in the same breath as giants such as Naivas,Tuskys,Nakumatt and Quickmart.Mini supermarkets however are cheaper to start with as little as 40,000 shillings to 160,000 shillings.

Since the business takes a lot of investment it is wise to know some details to better your chances.


Businesses require permits and licenses to operate and the latter is no exception.

Fire certificate will cost you 4500 shillings and is renewed annually.The supermarket's operation permit costs between 5,000 shillings to 30,000 shillings depending on the size of the supermarket.Health licence costs 500 shillings per staff and 500 shillings for the business but costs may vary.


Supermarket stocking requires dependable suppliers who are trustworthy, efficient and pocket friendly.Identifying the suitable partners will determine your business progress.Also it's advisable to have many contacts but have not more than two suppliers to cut down on costs and build stronger partnership.Stocking a mini supermarket can cost roughly 50,000 shillings depending also on the business size its higher.


Like every other business location is the backbone of a successful venture.A good location is a must have to get lucrative returns.A busy residence with middle class people and above can afford to shop at supermarkets.

4.Security challenges.

Security will be something that cannot be ignored because the business makes money and someone else will want it without breaking sweat or participating in pounding the grain.CCTV cameras,alarms,staff and location play a huge part so chose wisely.Accidents can also happen fire, robbery and shoplifting will be present so preparation should be adequate.


Prices can turn off or attract customers to buy.Research on the market price and compare with other retailers to have a competitive edge.

These are just but a few of the finer details to note.Before starting a business gather enough information and enough capital to start off well prepared.

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