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5 Farming Activities That Will Make You Wealthy

In Kenya agricultural activities seem to be the best form of income despite the fact that most kenyans have abandoned agribusiness for employment, Many Kenyans who have realized the potential in farming are taking on agribusiness and are using the current technology to make it more effective and profitable.

The list below provides some of the agricultural activities that will make you richer within a short period.

I) dairy farming (milk farming)

Milk forms part of many final products not only in Kenya but in the all world, it is also a requirement in most Kenyan kitchens especially in making breakfast. Currently milk sell at a good profit for dairy farmers since it is sold at 35 Kenyan shillings per packet when still at the milk process plant but goes for 60 Kenyan shillings per packet once out in the markets.

ii) fish farming

Fish farming is one of the greatest activities that will make you rich in the shortest time possible since fish currently is not just important because of its sweet white meat but also for it's oil which can also be used for many purposes such as medical use.

Before you go for this form of farm one is advised to consider the type of fish to keep, in Kenya some of the fish that will definitely give you profit include catfish, tilapia, and Nile Perch among others, currently fish weighing 1kg goes for 500 Kenyan shillings.

The good thing with fish farming is that it is in demand in the current market since orders are made from different sectors such as schools, local markets, supermarkets among others

iii) vegetable Farming

in Kenya almost each and every meal must have vegetables forming part of it, some of the common vegetables in the market that can bring profit within just 3months include, tomatoes, cabbages, onions, capsicums among others. This form of farming is still possible during drought periods as long as there is sufficient water supply.

iv) Bee farming

Bee keeping is one of the relatively cheap form of agribusiness in Kenya since it does not have much demand compared to others, one can start this form of farming with a capital as low as 3000 Kenyan shillings required for the construction of bee hives by the help of local carpenter. For farmers own safety you will need a bee suits and smokers during harvesting to prevent being strung by bees.

v) poultry farming

In this form of farm the best method to pick on is the layers, Chicken can lay hundreds of eggs every year, products from layer include chicken meat and eggs.

Eggs from exotic birds are sold at a range of 10-12 Kenyan shillings per egg while for kienyeji birds their eggs are sold at a range of 15-20 Kenyan shillings. After 1 and half years a farmer can decide to sell the chicken for meat at his own price depending on the Market demand.

The list provided above are just but some of the agribusiness activities that can make you rich within a short time, other include, pig farming, bull rearing, animal feed production, goat and sheep farming among others.

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