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Gold Is Wealth, Only 500 Grams Of Gold Can Change your Life. Check It's Price

Kenya is one of the countries in Africa which has got a lot of minerals. Among the minerals that are mined in Kenya include Gold, limestone, soda ash and many other varieties of minerals that you can name.

Currently Gold mining in Kenya has become an economic activity that many youths and aged citizens depend on. They mainly depend on Gold as an economic activity because gold itself is an expensive commodity.

In Kenya small scale mining of gold is currently done in many counties which include siaya, migori, homabay among many other counties in Kenya.

The process of mining gold is a very tiredious process, expensive and sometimes risky. It is risky in due to the fact that an individual who mines gold digs several meters underground in order to get to the gold ore, this a rock which contains Gold.

It is expensive to mine gold in large scale since you need to purchase machines which you use to mine gold from underground.

Gold is an expensive commodity and always on high demand across the world. Its price varies depending with seasons and demand. It fluctuates from time to time.

With the rising gold mining sites in the country we decided to do a research on the price of gold per grams and per Kg.

In this article we have done research on the price of gold ranging from 1 grams to 500 grams in Kenya. We will have a chart on the price of gold in the same article.

The price of 1 gram currently in Kenya is roughly 6,128 shillings and 500 grams is roughly 3,000,000 shillings.

The problem small scale gold miners in Kenya face is brokers. Those who buy gold cheaply from them then they go and sell it at a higher price.

The chart below shows the price of Gold ranging from 1gram to 500 grams.

To get more on the same let's chart in the comment section.

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