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The untold facts about french beans farming in Kenya

French beans farming is one of the highest yielding ventures in our country Kenya.A kilogram cost as high as 100 shillings during peak season and 50 during off peak season.Mishiri as popularly known is mostly grown for exports to European countries thus high demand and profitability which is over 500,000 a season.

Despite the profitability many farmers do not know the untold facts about its farming which include;

i.Need for constant water supply-unlike other crops beans will need enough water on weekly basis thus need for irrigation systems which are somehow costly.

ii.Capital intensive-the inputs are quite expensive e.g an acre requires 25kgs which retailes at shillings 23,000,requires fertilization application thrice (DAP and CAN twice) alongside manure.This increases production costs which in turn reduces profit margins.

iii.Chemical substances will lead to rejection by export market-requires strict hygiene levels despite use of pesticides and fungicides.

iv.Be in contact with export agents-failure to this might make a farmer to sell the produce locally at cheaper price or grow unwanted variety by export market.

v.Need to support-most of the varieties needs poles or other materials to support the beans which increases the production costs.

vi.Persistent diseases and pests -This are prevelance hence good management is required to maintain high quality and high production.

Many farmers venture in this lucrative activity without good knowledge,research and training thus end up failling.To avoid this one needs to invest in alot of information gatherings and farm visits to be well conversant and minimize risks of failure.

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