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Meet Top 5 Women Who Became Billionaires After They Got Divorced

1 MACKENZIE SCOTT ( Networth $57.7 billion)

She is the ex wife of the richest man in the world. After she divorced her husband Bezos in 2019 she received 4% of Amazon shares valued at $35 billion.

2 MELINDA GATES ( Networth $ 1.8 billion)

Melinda gates is the latest billionaire after divorcing her husband Bill Gates her Networth is $ 1.8 billion , she got all this wealth after she divorced her husband.

3 ELAINE WYNN ( Networth $ 2 billion)

She is the ex wife of Steve Wynn and she is a co - founder of the successful casino company called Wynn Resorts. After the couple divorced in 2012 Elaine transferred 11 million shares from the company which was valued at $ 795 million.

4 SUE GROSS (Networth $ 1.3 billion)

The of Bill Gross the billionaire founder of the investment management firm pimco after the divorce she got $1.3 billion.

5 SUE ANN ARNALL ( Networth $ 1billion)

Sue ARNALL is the ex wife of oil baron and CEO of continental resource Mr Harold Hamm ,she got $1 billion after the divorce.

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