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Leave Alone Electricity, See The Most Powerful Solar Design That Pumps Over 3000 Litres Per Hour

Solar panels are currently gaining popularity across the globe due to the increasing price of electricity. Solar panels has the ability to convert the energy from the sun into electrical energy. The converted energy is then put under different uses such as lighting a house, driving electrical appliances in the house like televisions and radios.

This energy can as well be used in the farm to pump water for irrigating crops and watering animals. Nevertheless, the water can as well be used for various domestic chores.

There are different types of solar that have been developed today. The factor behind their difference is the amount of energy output they are capable of converting from the sun's energy.

The recently developed Mono Solar panels has a greater ability to convert the sun's energy radiated to it and produce a larger electric watts that can perform any task in the farm just like electricity.

The solar panel is also made in such a way that it can perform well in both low and high light intensities. The makes a better a choice in both seasons. That is, in rainy and cloudy seasons as well as sunny seasons.

Due to its high voltage output during good light intensity, the panels can pump upto 3000 litres of water in an hour from a depth of 70 metres. This means that, even for farms that are far away from reliable water sources like rivers and lakes, this type of solar can still be used to pump water from deep wells.

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