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Factors affecting wheat harvesting season, Narok county

Narok county is widely known for wheat farming in large scale and also the home of Maasai community who majors in pastoralism.

There is high rate of Cash flow in Narok town especially during the wheat season , this is because farmers are getting paid through the sales of there produce .

It's during this season where commercial sex workers invades the streets of Narok town only to acquire their means of survival .

The season has turn out to be the worst periods where teenagers get spoiled and are introduced to sex business without the prior knowledge of their parents who are deceived, parents who permit their teen girls to Narok town thinks that ,it's just but a move of their children to know the relatives .

Narok town have diverse businesses and it's easy to find nearly all the Kenyan tribes operating their business peacefully.

Wheat has been greatly the source of income among the Narok residents but standards should be made to make it possible for the morals to be upheld during the harvesting season.

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