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New And Cheap Method To Build Chicken Houses (PHOTOS)

The government has been advocating for people to venture into farming both livestock and agricultural farming to ensure there is employment and sufficient food. However,most people complain of no money to start the ventures off. Poultry farming especially chicken farming has gained momentum in the country due to it's ease of starting and managing. Building a chicken cage is one of the projects that upcoming farmers find difficult to do because of the amount of money it requires.

A new method of chicken cage construction that is cheap has come out as an alternative to the Expensive method of using stones and wood. This method only uses plastic meshes and old bicycle tyres.

The cage can be made to be permanent fixed or movable. For movable cages, the ground is made using wooden material or mettalic surface before Polyethene can be spread.

For fixed cages,the ground is cemented and thus fixed for one particular place. In this method, depending on the size of cage desired,two old bicycle tyres are placed in opposite directions before being joined with a plastic mesh.

An door can then be made from one end of the tyre which will act as a doorway for the birds. This Method is very cheap since it makes use of old tyres which are cheap to obtain. Plastic meshes are also cheaper compared to mettalic meshes.

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