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Lesotho's Marijuana Farming Booms

According to DW News, The cannabis industry in Lesotho is booming.

Since medicinal cannabis gained widespread attention for its potential efficacy in the treatment of cancer, many people believe that it has the potential to become the agricultural sector's next major source of revenue. Lesotho, a landlocked mountain nation, is getting ready to cash in.

Cannabis is the second most commonly used substance in the world, after alcohol. Because of this, profits are soaring. Lesotho's government has made it lawful to cultivate marijuana, according to DW News.

Highlands Investments, a medical cannabis producer based in Lesotho, successfully closed a sale of 8.5 tonnes of pure cannabis flowers destined for the European market in 2021. It is thought that this shipment represents the single largest amount of cannabis that has been exported legally anywhere in the globe to this point.

According to the statement made by the company, "We consider this to be one of the largest legal shipments of medical grade cannabis to date and it is a significant milestone for our business."

In the event that he wins the presidency in the upcoming elections in August, George Wajackoyah has advocated openly for the decriminalization of marijuana and the commercialization of the drug for therapeutic uses.

Citizen TV reports that the leader of the Roots Party has made it known to the public that cultivating marijuana, along with providing incentives that will boost the country's available economic infrastructure, will be the first thing that his administration will work toward achieving if elected the president.

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