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Kenyans Reactions On A Photo Of A Diesel Fuel Price In Kenya In 1992

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Kenyans have elicited mixed reactions of a receipt that was posted on Facebook account indicating the price of fuel during the year 1992.

In that post the price of diesel fuel during that time was costing Sh 100 Bob compared to nowadays which that price goes around sh140.

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Since from few months ago the price of fuel products here in Kenya have increased at a higher rate. Last months some Kenyans protested due to that current price increase and the government said they are going to standardized that fuel Prices.

Kenyans have reacted on that post in different ways, where by majority are blaming the government on current increase of tax among major products here in Kenya.

Some netizens have compared life situations from that past days and have said in the past five hundred shillings was enough to feed a family in one month.

Here are some of the reactions,

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The government should find the best alternative ways of subsidizing the products because the current price increase of commodities have affected a 'common mwananchi' hence leading to miserable life.

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