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Why Hass Avocado Is Being Exported To Other Countries.

The precious fruit hass avocado weighs 200-300 grams ,the skin becomes dark purplish black when ripe. It is adapted to equatorial climate which Kenya experiences with an average rainfall of 1000-1600mm per annum,highly relative humidity of 70-80 percent .Hass avocado grow successfully in a variety soil types with acidic or alkaline pH level and good drainage. A well properly watered tree of hass avocado can give approximately 1000 fruits per year.

Hass avocado is the new gold mine for modern farmers ,county governments I the departmens of agriculture are encouraging farmers to plant the avocado because it does not require much labor and time to maintain. The demand of this fruit is high exporters sell the fruit for Ksh 30 making it a bigger investment compared to other cash crops that Kenya exports.

This avocado has nutritional benefits to the health of the consumers it reduces the level of cholesterol in the body.

Some counties such as Murang'a,Nyeri,Makueni,Kirinyaga have invested in this projects for agriculture.

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