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Charlene Ruto Pays a Courtesy Visit to a Young Hustler's Shop in Kariobangi South

Charlene Ruto paid a courtesy visit to a young hustler's shop in Kariobangi South. She had opportunity to listen to the story on how the owner of the shop saved enough funds to start a business.

The shop entails juice and milkshake which gives her a daily income. Charlene Ruto was really embraced by the move and she felt like the hustler funds would help this lady expand her business and multiply the income.

She went ahead to pose a question to Kenyans if they are ready for the hustler fund. The hustler fund is set to be launched on 1st December 2022.

"Visited a young hustler's shop in Kariobangi South today and listened to her story on how she saved enough funds to start her own juice and milkshake shop. With instruments like the Hustler Fund, she will expand her business and grow her income. Are you ready for The Hustler Fund?

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