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Increase Production Of Your Dairy Cows, Use These Simple Tips And Earn More

Farming is very important and needs alot of commitment and patience. Some farmers make millions of money per month or per year. Normally farmers grow different crops such as wheat, potatoes, tomatoes and many others. Other farmers keep domestic animals such as pigs, donkeys and cows. Rearing of cow can be more profitable if well managed. Dairy cow are very good because they produce alot of milk and this help the farmer to fetch good amount of money. To increase the production of milk, a farmer should do the following;

1. Feeds.

Here animals need a well balanced diet. They needs proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. You can buy commercial feed that have alot of nutrients. Further more fodder crops such as sweet potatoes veins are very essential to these animals. Also clover can be a good source of proteins.

2. Water

Animal should be give clean water. Watering animal is very essential because it is used to make milk, blood and in digestion.

3. Disease

Some diseases can cause alot of losses if not manage early. Like Nagana or East Coast Fever which is normally spread by ticks. This will bring losses or poor quality of products.

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