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5 Business Ideas You Can Start in Kenya With Less Than Ksh 10 000 During This Covid Period

Car wash.

The car gets dirty and needs to be regularly washed, but most people don't have free time. 

Driving to a car wash shop for professional cleaning is easier and faster than taking the time to wash the car yourself. 

Starting a car wash requires compound, soap or foam, rags, brushes, hoses, and a continuous supply of water.

Poultry farming.

As you all know, Kenyans love chicken and eat it and its products all year round. 

When starting this business, you need to determine your target market and the poultry industry you intend to enter. You can decide to keep layers for eggs or broilers for meat. 

You will need to find the market to sell your chicken in restaurants, supermarkets, schools, and other potential buyers.

Laundry service. 

This business is cheap to start, with is a big market. Many Kenyans are busy with work, how they make money. Thus sometimes laundry is a problem. 

You can start a laundry business by letting your contacts know how you do it or go door to door asking if you can do any housework. 

You can also top up cash and buy cheap or second-hand household washing machines. 

Sell boiled eggs and sausages.

To start a sausage, samosa, and egg business, you need 2,000 to 10,000 Ksh of capital. Surprisingly, this type of business is very profitable. 

If you are in Nairobi, you can make up to Ksh. 30 000 a month as profit.

Sell ​​airtime. 

You can start this business with Ksh 5 000 less. You can sell to friends, colleagues, even family members. You can also supply it to the shops near your estate. 

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