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Meet Kenyan Youths That Are Making Good Earnings From Youtube

In the current economy of kenya things are worsening as we continue, economy is becoming hard. Their are limited jobs and low earnings while the prices of commondites keep rising time to time.

However we aught to derive our own ways to enable us bring something on the table and sustain other basic needs. Talent is also a job and if one discovers his talent and invests in it , one can make a good amount of money from it. Here are some of the kenyan youths making good earnings by utilising their commendy talents on youtube.

1. Henry Desagu

Henry Desagu, real name Ithagu Kibicho, is one of the more popular online comedians in Kenya.

Desagu is one of the highest earning youtuber in kenya. The commendian pockets 1 million shillings per month from YouTube.

2. Njuguna

Timothy Kimani Ndegwa, popularly Njugush, is the man who has spread laughter to nearly every Kenyan for his comic character. His unimaginable slim body expressions are a fair portion of the juice that comes with his comedy.

Njugush is also another kenyan commendian making heavy earnings from youtube. Njugush has earned an approximated total of 22 million Kenyan shillings since 2014 from his youtube channel. His estimated monthly earning is 300,000 per month.

3. Crazy Kennar

His real name is Odhiambo, a young Kenyan using YouTube to have pleasure and delight his viewers. His comic efforts have always been quite genius and oftentimes exceptionally madcap.

Despite being the award winner of the best infuluncer commendian of the year, the guy makes some good cash from youtube consindering the number of views on his videos.

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