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Checkout the Amount of Money a Phone Shop Make When you Buy a Phone Worth 10k

If you get to visit a town, you will come to realize that there are so many shops selling phone. Their large number is enough to convince you that this business is well paying. The best thing with this business is that in phone companies always brands their shops just for free and also they always sell them the phone at a very favorable wholesale prices. These companies always support these shops by doing a lot of advertising. So the companies do the marketing job for these shops.These shops always make money in several ways. The first one is that they are given certain offers by the phone companies. Such that when they sell certain number or phones from that company, they get a commission. So the more the number of phone they sell, the more the money they make. The commission always vary depending with the phone models and also the companies that sell these phone.

Secondly, these shops are given phones by the companies with a certain whole sale price. When they sell these phones at a retail price, they manage to get a certain profit. The Profit they make, will always depend with the phone model. Phone with high prices always makes more profit. Right now most people are using smartphone costing 10,000 and more. A shop that sells this phone makes about 1500 to 3000 profit when you buy a phone worthy 10,000.This is quite a good money because if a shop manage to sell 10 such phones in a week. It will make around 20,000.

For you to start this shop you will need a good capital of about 200,000 depending with the model of phones you will need to sell.These shops pays high rents because they are located in streets that have expensive business houses. Another thing is that some employ more 2 to 4 attendants to serve many customer. As you can see from the statistic, these shops make good profits.

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