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If you Plan to Start Mitumba Business, Here are Latest Price per Bale

Mitumba business is a well known business in Kenya and it can never lack customers because it is a basic human want which someone cannot do without.Mitumba bales comes in different prizes and sizes.The business thrives well in busy streets or at junction areas where roads meet.The bales are transported safely with tightly tied bales that are imported into the country.If you have ever thought of running the business below are the prices of different cloth bale:1.Silk and poly blouses-Ksh 8,000

2.Knitted scarves-Ksh 4,500

3.Cotton blouses-Ksh 5,000

4.Light mix blouses-Ksh 6,000

5.Fashion summer blouses-Ksh 7,500

6.Ladies blazzers-Ksh 7,000

7.Poly dresses-Ksh 12,000

8.Mini dresses-Ksh 8,000

9.Adult blankets-Ksh 6,000

10.Duvets-Ksh 8,000

11.Flannel bedsheets-Ksh 6,000

12.Household rummage-Ksh 8,000

13.Household medium-Ksh 4,000

14.Fashion pants-Ksh 4,000

15.Begging-Ksh 5,000

16.Ladies T-shirts-Ksh 6,000

17.Men T-shirts-Ksh 8,000

18.Denim jackets-Ksh 6,000

19.Ladies tank tops(A)-Ksh 8,000

20.Ladies tank tops(B)-Ksh 5,000

Choose your type of bale wisely and understand your market gap to thrive well and plough huge profits in this business.Please share and comment for any clarification,thank you.

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