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Two Profitable Bussiness You can Start with Ksh.500 Only In Kenya.

Due to unemployment rate in Kenya,thousand of youth are often find themselves looking for alternative ways to make end meets.Almost 800k youth are unemployed in Kenya.This has lead many to seek entrepreneurial opportunities instead of opting for employment.

Many business have spring up from as little as Ksh.500,as business develop various options to thrive.Some of the business you can start as with as low as 500 is maize roasting.

Many hawker options for this endeavor as it does not require much capital and also much to the surprise of many.Maize roasting is very professionally business.The only equipment needed is roasting equipment,fresh supply of corners and the business is underway.One can make a cool cash Ksh.500 to Ksh.1000 daily.

Shoe shinning,this idea of shoe shinning bussiness brings to mind a small informed street operation,where one camps out a busy street begging customers to get a service at a small fee.

The business requires the shoe shinning equipment such as brushes,shoe polish of various colors to cater a wide variety of customers.The price range from Ksh.30 for the normal service other services such as shoe repairs come at extra cost.

A tin of shoe polish goes for Ksh.30,and that one tin alone can serve more than 20 adults each paying 30 meaning the business is much professionally .

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