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World's Largest Cargo Plane With 6 Engines

The Beautiful and amazing airplane is called Antonov An-225 Mriya.Mriya means a dream in Ukraine.It is the largest and the heaviest cargo plane ever in the world.It was designed by Antonov Design Bureau in Ukrainian SSR in the 1980s and was constructed and built by Antonov Serial Production hence its name .It was made to enlarge the previous Antonov An-124 model with the main purpose being to transport buran class orbiters.It started its operations on 21st December 1988.The plane has a takeoff weight of 640 tonnes, wingspan of 88metres and a length of 84metres.It has a landing gear system of 32 wheels that can make it turn within a 60metre wide runway.

Anton An-125 has a twin tail to enable it to carry large and heavy loads,a cargo hold of 1,300 cubic metres and can transport a maximum of 253,820 kilograms.It also has a digital flight deck that can accommodate 6 crew members and flight control surfaces are controlled via fly by wire and triple redundant hydraulics.The plane is just amazing and unique since it is designed with 6 turbofan engines that that have a weight of 4,100kilograms with service life of 24,000 hours.This makes it fly to a maximum of 850km/h.

The plane is known for carrying large cargoes like the longest cargo in the world which are 2test wind turbine blades.It has also been involved in transporting Covid-19 vaccines.See some of it's photos below;

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Anton An-125 Antonov An-225


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