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You Could Soon Be Earning Kshs 60,000 Per Month ~ Governor Nderitu

Wages enable workers to make a living from their labour. They also provide stimuli to be efficient and loyal to an employer. In a broader sense, the earnings workers earn fuel the economy.

Laikipia governor Nderitu Muriithi has undertaken an enterprising task to ensure that the incomes of every worker start at Kshs 60,000 per month meaning they would earn Kshs 2,000 daily. If successful it would improve the day-to-day earnings which have been steadily improving that is kshs 576 (2017) - kshs 754 (2019).

Muriithi expressed that he would improve employment rates by lessening unemployment to around 3% in the intermediate-term. He said that his county had places criteria to establish employment reliefs. Case in point Laikipia Innovation Programme (LIDP) facilitates the emergence of new enterprises.

Muriithi noted that 459 investments had been recognized and benefited through the advertising of their products, certification processes and preferable market entry. The governor praised the Enterprise Development Programme in the county through the raised budgetary allotment of Ksh73 million and movement of 200 enterprise development administrators and commendation of enterprise as a crucial accomplishment pointer targeting companies for financial assistance. 

He furthermore acknowledged that the budgetary support to additional areas like infrastructure, agriculture, trade, and water was bent towards developing a facilitative environment for business expansion through adequate infrastructure, water for output and advancement of markets.

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