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How to survive corona virus financially

Since the outbreak of corona virus in late 2019 China and spread to other parts of the world including Kenya, many things have changed their protocols and procedure.

Every body to keep a social distance to minimize the spread of the virus which as affected the business since no market, washing hand every now and then is tiresome and many prefer to avoid the market.

Other have been authorized tho work from home and that makes it difficult to get all items they may need, but thanks to online business platform.

Online business is the new platform that as emerged to be the best, for the genuine buyer and honest seller business do go well. It as managed to connect millions of people and help one to get goods or service. Is the only business platform which does not require license, house or supervision only genuineness and honest.

For any goods or service you are selling it's easy to market and rich many people in a short time.

You have to follow some steps in order to be successful and avoid being coned:

1. Take a clear picture of what u are selling, describe the item,the price,location, and the method of delivery.

2. Cash on delivery this enables one to know the quality and size of the item be he/she pays for.

Content created and supplied by: HabarizaBurukushaninwes (via Opera News )



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