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Relief for Consumers After New Friendly Directive on Gas Cylinders

Due to the new directive on gases consumers have to smile since they are now allowed to refill empty gas cylinders with any other refilled brand.

This came out after the members of the Energy Dealers Association(EDA) were allowed to exchange the empty gas cylinders with other brands since the size is the same and all the containers are fitted with similar valves. The Distributors and Suppliers of LPG we're fully allowed to exchange the cylinders for 5 years and they were allowed to have their increase per year.

This also influenced members of the association, they can also resell the gases among themselves motion that was banned in 2019 to eliminate rogue operatives in the business.

Tough rules were set to govern gas dealers and those found going against it shall face a five-year jail term or a fine of Ksh 10 million. Also, the oil marketers were under instructions to oppose gas cylinders that do not bear their brand in the new change.

ERC had communicated that the judgment to repeal the cylinder exchanged pool was also backed by various stakeholders during the public participation level of drawing up the new restriction.

In August 2021 competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) fined an organization of suppliers Ksh408,000 on declarations of influencing Kenyans.

The 32 players were accused of conspiring to fix the minimum prices of 6kg and 13kg liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders. The suppliers applied to enter into a settlement agreement where they were fined Ksh408,000.

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