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Most Protected Billionaire On Earth (PHOTOS)

There is no doubt that world has several billionaires where majority are entrepreneurs, philanthropists, Presidents among others. However among the billionaires Donald Trump former United States President as well as big businessman is the current highly protected billionaire in the world. The former president boasts big businesses in the country as well as other parts of the world. He is credited for owning several towers in USA where businesses take place, some of his towers are in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Mumbai.

Therefore, even before becoming the president of USA, Trump was already a rich man. In fact currently he boasts a net worth of around $2.5billion.

Thus, since he is a billionaire, Trump found himself personal security for his personal safety, also as a former president of USA, the title came with security details making him highly protected man. For that reason Trump is highly respected around the world and almost impossible to assassinate. Below are some of his amazing pictures.

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