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10 Tips To Survive Nairobi, Avoid The Fraudsters And Avoid Extra Expenses

Nairobi,The capital City of Kenya is a beautiful City to live in. Surviving Nairobi City is a hustle by itself, you may be having a good paying job but the moment you are on Nairobi City there is a high likelihood of you losing your hard earned cash and even stuffs. That is ahh it's important to have this tips when you travel to Nairobi or stay in the City.

When boarding a Matatu check the condition of your window and make sure they are in good condition, thats where your phone might exit from. The moment you remove it, it's gone. Never walk in a straight line, walk like 2 mins on the pavement then change direction abruptly. The main aim is to be unpredictable.

No one should pray for you on the streets regardless of your situation in life. Chapati will always be 10bob, Smokie 25bob, mayai 20bob. So avoiding some fancy cafes in town which in most cases overprice this essential product is key for financial freedom in the City.

Afya Center, don't even stop to swallow your saliva, pass on lightening speed. Walk mercilessly, And if you have hips,use them to pave way for yourself, Elbows in this case is your weapon. If someone hits you as you walk along the streets, hit them back because no one apologizes for such mistakes.

If you feel lost just go to Archives, you will pick your bearing from there. And if you must ask for direction approach the security guards in big buildings. And Incase someone drops anything Infront of you don't pick, run like your life depends on it. That is a trap

Instead of going to kanjo washrooms, just get into Ushirika house, tell the guards you are going to office 24, it is actually a washroom labeled by mistake or If you are pressed, just enter Hilton hotel, Stanley Hotel, Norwich union etc. confidence is key here. There is also free parking at Serena Hotel.

If it starts to rain, don't allow yourself to be rained on like maize on the farm, get in Supermarkets watch news from 85" 4K Samsung Screen. Window shopping is free even if you have no coin with you. Confidence is Key

Don't bargain on everything in Nairobi Streets the trick is, the quality will keep reducing as the price goes down. Avoid eye contact na hawker especially when held in a traffic jam. Otherwise you've already signed a purchase contract.

When tired under scorching sun in town, don't go to Archives or Hilton. Just go to KCB KENCOM, pick a bank ticket and sit there the whole day. You will have a great rest and actually enjoy some free WiFi.

In case you see any job openings with phrases like "send Whatsapp with the word Nairobi to a certain number," that is definitely Those people from AIM GLOBAL and it's ilk. Any job you will be asked for money and you get promised for a refund that is wash wash avoid it like a plague.

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