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Business Management analysis

Profitable Business Ideas to Start With as Low as Ksh1000

The Urge for financial stability is a dream to everyone but few make it to that stage since the drawbacks weighs heavier than merits of the same.


In wasting no man's time, there are many businesses one can start but requires focus and shear hard work to make it. Below are the simple yet profitable ideas.

Mama Mboga

This is one of the most ignored yet a profitable business.


In this, you need a strategic place with a flow of customers. Second, a stock that will cost you not more than 2000. To a bad day, those people make 3,000 profits. How is this possible? A melon costs 50 shillings, in return, it can be subdivided at ten pieces for reselling at 20 Bob each. That's 150 pure profit. Now think of kales, cabbages and other fruits.

Smokies Business.

A single smokie is bought at 15bob, they then resell at 35. This equals to 20 Bob profit. What if he/she sells 50 pieces on a bad day?


An egg costs 11 Bob. It is then bought at 20 by customers. Another 9 shillings profit. If the seller combines all this plus kebabs, the profit monthly will not less 30,000 shillings.

Kibanda or Simple fast food joint.

This business simply requires a strategic position and cleanliness. To begin with, one can locate a site with buildings works ongoing. Strike a deal to provide lunch.


On estimate, you served 50 people lunch. This translates the profit margin to be about 1500, offer breakfast and you'll part with 2000 clean cash.

Mayai Zungusha

This might not be your type of business but yes! It pays. Imagine the profits this people make does not less 30,000 monthly. How?


At wholesale, one egg retails at 10 shillings. When the seller packs 60 to 100 pieces, the assurance of the profits are 600 to 1000 on a day.

In a recap, many people are after official jobs. They disregard such kind of options which also pays well. They also think such job are for lesser and uneducated in the society. Kenyans should stop such kind of thinking and venture into it since the less done now is testified big on future so, let us do it now.

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Mama Mboga


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