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How rules of money relates with success.

Several times in life ,each and everyone has in one way or the other tried to get his or her own money. But in the process, not everyone gets to succeed as per the expectations. Some get more than what they expected, some get what they expected, some get lower than their expectations ,unfortunately, some get nothing at all, But why enyway?

Why can't everyone just meet his or her money expectations in the same way and level? Here is the answer to that. Under the planet earth,i have Never seen anywhere or anything which is not governed by Just like each and every coutry has laws and rules, every community has norms that if you don't follow ,then there is always consequesnces. Here we are ,money also has its own rules, you fail to follow them ,then you can't meet your money objectives /expectations. This answers the question; why different people who invest with money get different levels of return .Because they choose to follow specific money rules.

The more the rules you choose t follow ,the better the outcome, yes, but generally, following rules to the latter is the most difficult thing on earth.


1.Pay yourself first.

The number one rule of money is to always pay yourself first. But how?

For you to acknowledge that you are actually doing something,then you must enjoy the outcome of what you are doing first ie profits.

It is from these profits that you move to the next level.


This is the most important rule of money is investment, otherwise ,money is only and will only of importance currently. You invest when you need more, you stop investing if you don't need any further.


Have you ever asked yourself why most businesses fail? Here is the reason.

Never in life should you live beyond your standards. What i mean is simple ,just don't spend more money than what you actually get. It will keep draining you despite your efforts.

4.Plans and Goals.

This involves planning appropriately with the profits you get from your business.

Which kind of business don't follow money rules but succeeds?

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