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Huge Relief to Kenyans as Prices of Unga, Gas Set to be Reduced by Half, Beer to Remain Same

Kenyans could soon breathe a sigh of relief after the Finance committee shot down a proposal by the ministry of finance to increase taxes on certain basic commodities.

According to reports, the finance committee in parliament has proposed a drastic reduction of taxes on basic commodities including maize flour, wheat flour, cassava and liquid petroleum gas.

The committee, which is set to table the proposals on Wednesday in parliament, has proposed that the prices of these commodities be reduced by half.

Treasury had proposed a new tax increase of 16% on maize, wheat and cassava flours. The committee has however proposed a zero tax on these commodities after taking into consideration the public outcry.

On the other hand, the committee has also proposed a major reduction on the tax of gas prices from 16% to half 8%.

However, prices of beauty products and nicotine will increase if the committee's proposals are adopted by parliament tomorrow.

If the committee's proposals are adopted tomorrow, then the prices of beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages will remain as it is and will not be taxed more. The treasury had proposed that prices of Spirits, ] beer and wine be increased by 20% and 10% respectively

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