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Monday Shocking News For Kenyans on KPLC Tokens

The country is facing some tough times as far as the cost of living is concerned.The prices of the basic commodities have risen with no hope of being reduced again.The new fuel prices are biting with Kenyans left to suffer in the transport sector after the fares being hiked.Filling of the gas cylinders is another expensive thing.

People have been crying about the high costs of electricity.This has left majority of Kenyans failing to pay for this important commodity.However,the Government has been trying to reduce electricity bills.The lawmakers have been making some possible attempts to have the costs reduced.Luckily,it is now joy that the government will fully take charge of KPLC,something that will reduce the the citizens from these rampant cries.

Kenyans who use the KPLC tokens have been shocked today by the revelations by the Daily Nation Newspaper.The company's employees have been robbing Kenyans millions of cash from the tokens besides the meters.The KPLC employees have manipulated the system so that they generate codes for buyers who get extra units.For instance,the Daily Nation used Ksh 2500 to buy tokens using the pay bill 888880 and received 138.18 units.On the same day for the same amount,they received nearly 10 times the units they received when they dealt directly with a worker at KPLC worker at the IT department.In deed this is a very dissapointing action by the company's employees

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