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Bad News To Kenyans As The Price Of A 2Kg Maize Flour Changes, See The New Price

The price of a 2-kilogram packet of maize flour has recently increased, making it more difficult for Kenyans across the country to afford it. Following the introduction of a maize flour subsidy by the Kenyan government as a move aimed at cushioning Kenyans from rising food prices, a 2-kilogram packet of maize flour that was retailing for Ksh 100 will now be going for Ksh 200. This move was aimed at protecting Kenyans from rising food prices.

The Kenyan government removed the subsidy that had been placed on maize flour, which resulted in a sharp increase in the price of this essential food product. This abrupt price increase was caused by the removal of the subsidy. The fact that the Kenyan government has informed maize millers that it will not be processing any more payments under the maize flour subsidy program is a crucial indication that the government has not made plans to extend the subsidy program. It is important to take note of this fact because it is an indication that the government does not intend to extend the subsidy program.


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