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Find Out Here Why Organ Trade Has Become A Lucrative Business In Africa.

Today in the world many people are experiencing organ failure due to different reasons.This has made people to take advantage of the situation and started doing business.

The report by International Organisation for Migration (IOM) on human trafficking for organs are real. Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Tanzania are leading the trafficking. Also according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Kidneys are the most trafficked organs in the world.

The organs are mostly harvested from the poor men, this is because they have no other source of income, then decide to sale organs for daily survival. The business is estimated to fetch about Sh130 billion in profit annually.

The business business is not done by ordinary people but it is sophisticated network of hospitals, senior medical professionals. Specialist doctors such as transplant surgeons,nephrologist and anaesthesiologist play a key role.

However the all process involves identifying vulnerable people who are persuaded to sell one of their organs like kidney. The recruiters are skilled and they develop a good relationship with their target persons win their trust and influence them to sell the organs.

Because of the desperation among many people in the region they have earned money by selling their organs, even some have been cheated and given little money as it had been agreed earlier. For them That are involved bend up getting good money and expand their business .

Mostly advantage is taken in the countries where poor organ regulations are poor and with high levels of Corruption.

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