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The fastest way to become poor is to keep doing these things.

People only talk about getting rich and forget about how fast someone can come from being a billionaire to a millionaire and go all the way down.

If you can't manage what you worked for and know how to balance your work and pleasure you'll end up parting everyday and loose a lot.

This mostly happens with business women and men, who do not even care if they made profit or not. In everything you do in life you have to have a plan and know what you doing all time.

Life can be tricky to balance but if you sure you are not able, to you can hire someone to manage for you.

Fastest ways to become poor, is by overspending your money on luxury instead of investing, or when it comes to men you start spending the money with girls aiming to be loved by them. They love your money not you.

1.Not having a budget plan.

2.Over borrowing loans.

3.Not aiming to make profit but as long as it's sold.

4.Going about telling everyone about your plans.

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