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4 Online Products That Sell Fast In Kenya.

To understand the Kenyan market a smart entrepreneur will first understand the people.Kenyans can be divided into income classes and this will help in identifying the miscellaneous items that will sell the most.

The first group of Kenyans Is the low income earners who are largely populated in slums and low budget housings.Then there are the students and the unemployed population , another group is the middle class who earn mostly between 24,000 to 200,000 shillings.The middle class are the best target for online businesses because majority of them can access online platforms.

Having cleared the bush the next step is to have essential products that are in demand in order to make profit.

1.Phones and accessories.

Kenyans love to be trendy and stay connected so they invest heavily in phones.The most used phone brands in Kenya include Apple, Samsung,Techno,Infinix and Huawei.If you have quality and original phone brands you will make a hefty lumpsum,accessories like earphones, power banks and charges sell fast.


Shoes are amongst top selling commodities in Kenya.Kenyans love nice shoes and will spend their last penny if the shoe is worth it.Women's shoes are on higher demand and always sell out.

3.Women clothing and make up.

Any smart businessman will tell you that women are the best customers because they keep coming back for more.Women clothing sell fast if the quality is at the epitome.Dresses, jewellery, earrings,bangles, handbags are the most preferred.Cosmetic are on high demand especially now that a large portion of women use make up.The two will never fail due to the large market available.


Kenya is among the largest technology consumers in Africa so anything tech sells.Laptops, tablets, Hi-fi systems , cameras and televisions are the most sort after in the country.Trendy and quality electronics sell in Kenya.

Doing research is a first step in elevating your business to be a reputable brand.Consult different entities and interact with customers to know their needs.One thing to always remember is that the customer is always right.

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