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Four Tips To Increase Egg Production In Layers

Poultry farming is steadily gaining ground. As a poultry farmer, it is imperative to understand all factors that can affect egg production. In this article I put together four tips to increase egg production in your layers' farm.

1) Diet

A proper diet is vital in increasing egg production in layers. For most poultry farmers, the highest percentage of their poultry budget goes to feeding. This may cause some farmers to compromise on the quality and quantity of the feeds which will lead to a low production of eggs among the layers. Layers need energy, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins to boost egg production. Besides the quantity of eggs produced, the quality of eggs also matters. For instance, calcium affects the eggshell quality, eggshell cleanliness is affected by water consumption of the birds, and the egg yolk quality can be positively affected by diets rich in omega 3.

2) Breed

To ensure that your layers produce high amounts of eggs, you ought to choose the best breed. Quality breeds that lay lots of eggs are: Leghorn, Australorp, Sussex, and Plymouth Rock etc. Always go to licensed poultry dealers near you to offer you breeds specifically for egg production.

3) Manage Stress

It's scientifically proven that chickens reduce the number of eggs they lay if they are stressed. Sources of stress in chickens are: attempted attacks from predators, sudden changes in diet and weather. As a poultry farmer, ensure that your chicken house is safe and also endeavor to deal with layers that are aggressive towards other chickens.

4) Mind About The Chicken Age

As layers age, their egg production ability reduces too. So it is imperative to keep a record of your chicken ages so that you can sell off chickens that are over aged. Chickens have a twelve-month laying span and their best laying age is 6-8 weeks. After that their egg production ability gradually decreases.

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