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Material Used To Make Bank Notes And Why

A number of people have been wondering whether bank notes are made from ordinary papers or not. The answer is no. Normally, Bank notes are made using polymer or blended paper. This imply that bank notes are actually made from a material more than a mere paper. US bank note for instance is 75% cotton and 25% linen, the two materials have been blended safely to make paper money that is durable.

This explains why bank notes survive even thorough washing without tear and wear. However not all bank notes are made from paper money, UK bank notes for instance is made from polymer which is more durable and counterfeit proof than US paper money.

Polymer bank note are made with think film of strong, durable plastic hence cannot be counterfeited easily. The resulting note is resistance to dirt, oil and moisture hence cleaner and safer.

Generally, materials used to make bank notes such as Cotton paper are much durable before undergoing wear and tear. In fact some of these materials lasts for hundred years. Below are some of the pictures of Bank notes of different countries;


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Cotton UK US


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