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Profitable Businesses That Can Earn You Good Return Monthly

1. Timber yard business: it entails purchasing trees from farms and cutting them to timber before selling at retail and wholesale prices. Timber yards are usually stocked with different types of timber to cater for the customer needs. This business is highly demanded since timber is useful in making furniture and for construction purposes such as roofing.

2. Courier services: this business entails transportation of goods and parcels from one location to another. It is useful in reducing unnecessary travels to pick goods from one point by enabling efficient connection between the sender and the receiver. Courier services act as a medium for transporting goods between places

3. Petrol station business: it entails selling of petroleum products such as diesel, petrol and kerosene to the customers. Petrol stations are equipped with other services such as selling LP gas and engine oils. Petrol stations generate high profits from the fact that petroleum products have higher returns per unit of scale sold. This business should be set up along major highways and roads to attract numerous potential customers.

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