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Business to start with only Ksh 2000 and make up to 60k per Month

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What about starting a business with a low capital without credit? Many entrepreneurs, probably most, start with little capital when starting their businesses. So if you have money to invest, you are ahead of the game. Instead of thinking about the idea that I do not have enough money. There are many businesses, with as few as 10k, 20k, 30k, 40k, 50k. And of course, you can ask for something you need more money than you can handle. In this article I will study you through some of these lucrative ventures and I believe that at the end of your reading you will find it useful and motivating to get something for yourself.

1.Mobile Car Washing Services

With only 2k, you are able to purchase equipment for car washing including a bucket, brush and soap. Many people are afraid of taking their cars to be washed at other places, so you can do this job from the owner's place and grow your income within a short period of time.

2.Cake sales online

Cake is one of the most influential people in Nigeria. It is often the choice of dessert during ceremonial occasions such as weddings, birthdays, Christmas, New Year and other holidays. Sometimes the cake is offered as a gift. The demand for cake production in Nigeria is always huge on weekends because many people then do their wedding ceremonies.

During the Valentine's season, the rush for the cake can be overwhelming. Everyone wants to show his or her lover that they care through the cake. A cake-free birthday party is incomplete in every part of the world today.

3. Popcorn Business

People eat popcorn and sometimes buy snacks afterwards, and popcorn is one of the cheapest foods because people eat it at home, on the street, in their shops, in the car and even in the movies. Starting a popcorn business does not require starting a store, in most cases it simply needs an exposed environment. The popcorn business has no gender discrimination and if you get the right popcorn tools, the business is completely stress free, you can also earn good money every day if you are in a busy place.

How to get started: buy a car popcorn, corn, butter, walnut oil, sugar, salt, flavored nylon, powdered milk and stay at the terminal or commercial bus or commercial market.

You do not have to rent a shop, you can have a partnership with someone in his / her shop, because it will not bother them, or you can get a tent, any free space in an area of ​​Compress and start your own business. In some cases, you may be asked to pay a listed amount to the local government council to start your own business in certain areas. There will be no more than 2000.

What other ideas do you know? share your thoughts on the same.

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