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Top Ten Tallest Buildings In The World

10.TAIPEI 101. The tenth tallest building is located in Taipei,Taiwan.It has a height of 508 metres and consists of 101 floors.9.CITIC TOWER. This tower is located in Beijing,China.It is 528 metres tall and has 109 floors.8.TIANJIN CTF FINANCE CENTRE. This building is located in Tianjin,China.It is 530 metres tall and hosts 97 floors in total.7.GUANGZHOU CTF FINANCE CENTRE. This tower is located in Guangzhou,China.It has a height of 530 metres and contains 97 floors.6.ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER. The tower is located in New York City in the United States of America.It is 541 metres high and harbours 94 floors.5.LOTTE WORLD TOWER. This is the tallest building in South Korea and is located in Seoul.The tower is 554 metres tall and contains 123 floors.4.PING AN FINANCE CENTER. The building is located in Shenzhen,China.It has a height of 599 metres.It contains 115 floors.3.MAKKAH ROYAL CLOCK TOWER. This tower is located in Mecca,Saudi Arabia.It is 601 metres tall and houses 120 floors.2.SHANGHAI TOWER. The building is located in Shanghai,China.The Chinese tower has a height of 632 metres and contains 128 floors.1.BURJ KHALIFA TOWER. This is currently the tallest building in the world.The stunning scyscraper is 828 metres tall and contains 163 floors to top it all up.It is located in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.Thank you for reading my article.Subscribe,share and comment.

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