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Screet On How You Can Become Rich With 70 Chicken As The Starting Point Of Farming

Richest is a dream that every one has in his or her life. Actually poverty is something that is affecting our country and many of our families today. Here I have decided to share with you some of the ideas on how you can become rich through farming. We must consider that farming is the back bone of the economy in every country across the world.

Overcoming poverty in life is easily through this plan, when you have a total of 70 hens as the starting point for farming you can make more profit, since chickens take less time to mature. One hen can lay a minimum of 25 eggs and having 70 hens that's around 1750 eggs you will be having.

One hen should be given a maximum of 12 to 15 eggs to be hatched depending on the size of the hen. You can sell the remaining eggs to get an income for buying chick mash as you prepare for the coming chicks after 21 days.

If all hens hatch successful, you will be having around 1050 chicks which you will be required to raise. Remember vaccination should be done for your chicks to Improve their immunity against diseases in there bodies. When all those chicks are raised and managed so well to rich maturity, then that's is an assurance to have a smile at the end of the year as you will be earning more money from selling those chicken.

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