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"IMF Experiences Difficulties In Ruto's Administration" Raila Claims Over Hustler Fund & IMF Loans

According to a study by Raila Odinga, the Hustler Fund was poorly planned and is likely to squander a significant amount of taxpayer money and resources. According to Azimio, 573 she's were given to each of the millions of hustlers who requested for loans.

According to the opposition leadership's analysis, the Hustler Fund's donation to Kenyans was insufficient to have a significant impact on youth empowerment.

Laila Azimio believes that the Hustler Fund may result in a financial collapse.

"Given the country's current financial state, the entire amount spent (a target of 50 billion shillings) is also likely to cause a financial disaster."

The report by Azimio comprises states. Azimio noted that it is contradictory for the government to offer Kenyans welfare checks totaling 50 billion shillings while also requesting 52 billion shillings in loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Azimio claims that the IMF is experiencing issues with Ruto's administration because it is releasing loans from the Hustler Fund, which carries a significant default risk.

Azimio notes that there are allegations that he has been slow to submit Kenya's loan proposal to the IMF Board for approval because "this is actually one of the IMF's pressing difficulties."

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