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Jalang'o Excites The Nitakufinya Duo With Great News


Jalango has excited the Nitakufinya Duo with great news in an interview today on BongaNaJalas Show.

A video that every Kenyan has watched especially on social media where Aaron Asimba and Musyoka Wambua have left many open-mouthed while others have been left smiling as Asimba threatened to squeeze his colleague. 

The two have been living in Mukuru for 20 years.

Recently in the number of interwiews they had carried,they said that they had become a popular name in the country but their lives had not changed.

During the interview Jalas said that Jahazi flour company is going to give each of them a motorbike and award them a tender to advertise their flour products.

"Niko na team wanaitwa Jahazi flour ,watawapea pikipiki na wameshakubali kufanya kazi na nyinyi na mtafanya advert yao ya ugali," Jalas told them.

Asimba expressed gratitude over the motorbike deal and advertisement offer saying that his business had been severely affected and that his family has high expectation of him.

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